16 September 2010

F.R. on FB

Hey Folks,
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03 August 2010


Good morning folks.... boy was this week long. But TGIF(R) and let's get to the juicy tunes.

Prince - "Sticky like glue"

Robin Thicke - "My life"

Flying Lotus - "MmmmHmmm" (featuring Thundercat)

Fudge Fingas - "Gettin' Together"

Heard a great tune recently? REPLY All and let us know!

Happy Friday Music monkeys!


Heard this on Gilles Peterson's show - Monsters of Folk - Dear God

Awesome arrangement and lyrics, but messes with your mind. 1 song, 2 videos, both intriguing.


My Tunes for the week:

Gotye - Hearts A Mess (3am Mix by Joe Hardy)

Could This Be (Sam La More Remix)

Passion Pit - Sleepyhead

Zack Hemsey - Mind Heist (Inception Trailer music)

Happy Friday everyone :-)

27 July 2010

Friday Radio 16 JUL2010

Hi! We're back with more tunes... and these are what i've been listening to these weeks:

"Into your dream" - Foreign Born

"Feel like making love" - D'angelo

"Ex-factor" Lauryn Hill

and from one of the most surprising animation/music collaborations that resulted in one of the most exciting soundtracks...Pharrell for Despicable me.

"Despicable me"

"Fun fun fun"

"Prettiest girls"


once again! right URL at the right time.

this song has been stuck in my head for days!
"Hello, I Love You" - The Doors

probably my most favourite teenage fanclub track
"Sparky's Dream" - Teenage Fanclub

an up-and-comer that has a seriously exciting album featuing saul williams and of montreal, amoongst others. puff daddy discovered, recommended to my boss by frankie knuckles!!!
"Tightrope" - Janelle Monae feat. Big Boi

white boy soul FTW!
"The Ring" - Jamie Liddell

[BEN W.]

Ben's Friday EP

Side A

Paul Simon - I Know What I Know

Talking Heads - (Nothing But) Flowers

Side B

Slayer - Seasons in the Abyss

Anthrax - Intro to Reality / Belly of the Beast


for sometimes, translation unveils the best things .....

Smashing Pumpkins -- Dancing in the Moonlight (Thin Lizzy cover)

Blixa Bargell -- Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Trent Reznor (feat Peter Murphy) -- Bela Lugosi's Dead (Bauhaus cover)


my Tune of the week, from I N C E P T I O N...

Zack Hemsey - Mind Heist (Inception Trailer music)

Happy Friday everyone :)


Love that Janelle Monae track. Amazing live too.

Marva Whitney - It's my thing (live)

Vickie Anderson - Message to the soul sisters

Friday Radio 2JUL2010

Today we have a smorgasbord of tunes ready for your sampling.

The chemical brothers - "K+D+B"

Supernatural raps about anything the crowd gives him...

Steve Reich - "Music for 18 musicians (section 2)"

Sotu the traveller feat. gregg green & Tasha - "Day dream"

Kenichiro Nishihara feat. gregg green - "Waltz for jazz things"

Roy Ayers - "searching"

What tunes have you discovered this week?

Next week, Friday Radio can be started by you.
If you wish to be the FIRST to F.R., just sent an email to the googlegroup address and label your mail "Friday Radio (DATE)"
It's that easy!

Have an awesome Friday!


Hola, what's shakin' friday people?

Some stuff I've been listening to :)

Confetti by 1,2,3
Indie romance <3

Fa Fa Fa - Datarock
Gotta love em, get yourself groovin this friday peoples

Penguin Cafe Orchestra

Crave You by Flight Facilities
Got a teeny touch of that Aeroplane / Bookashade vibe

The Nosebleed Section by Hilltop Hoods
(Some people might be miffed at me by sharing this but I <3 it so much!!)

Lastly a bit of a goldie...

California Soul - Diplo Remix

Here's to a smashing weekend ya'll.


Good arvo folks!
Here's another edition of Friday Radio... your one stop for an assortment of audio samplings to send your ear canals on a dizzy excitement equivalent to winning a soccer bet.

Here's what we've got this week:

Marc Broussard "Love & Happiness"

Pendulum "Watercolour"

Eyedea & Abilities "One twenty"

people with iphones...get a leaf trombone like these guys!

and being MJ's death anniversary...we've got to put something Michael here...how about this?

Have a lovely Friday =)


Here are some more of my favourite tunes for the week:

Timothy Carroll ' Something Else'

The Whitlams - You Sound Like Louis Burdett

Phoenix - Everything Is Everything

Phoenix - Too Young

The Whitlams - Thank You (For Loving Me At My Worst)

Happy Friday!


28 June 2010

Friday Radio 18 JUN2010

Good Morning Friday Radio Land, hope the week's been good to you.
In true Friday "lets-take-everything-nice-
and-lazy" fashion, I'm going to post things a little differently.
And you can do this too if you have no idea what to post on F.R. today... it's easy!

First: Whip out your iPod.

Turn it on and get to the main page.

Select shuffle songs.

Now, hit play and post the first 5 songs that come out of your shuffle mode.
You can't skip if an embarrassing song comes up...no one's here to judge...
However you can skip if you can't find a sample of it online.

let's see what my lil trusty iPod lands on~


Are you curious to see what your iPod will play?
Try it now and post us the results.

Happy Friday!


Ok… my iphone is on shuffle, lets see what comes up:

Air - Alone in Kyoto

Kirsty Hawkshaw - Whisper

Nitin Sawhney - Letting Go

Ting Tings - Shut Up And Let Me Go

Happy Friday!


Cool idea! Here's what I got

Forss - FlickerMood

Bahama Soul Club - Kind of cool
BOSSA - Kind of cool (Bahama soul club feat. Bella) by bella wagner

Abdullah Idrahim - Calypso Minor
(No link)

Jaylib - bonus track #1
(No link again)

ESG - My love for you

Very relieved Ah-ha "Cry Wolf" extended version didn't come up.


and here's mine for the week. Tom- stop showing off your exclusive HTF tracks :p

See everyone on the dancefloor at RECLOOSE this week! he's so gonna groove!

Dressy Bessy - Left to the right

Silkie - Turvy

Bottin - Static

Primal Scream - Uptown

Sigur Ros - Vio spilum endalaust

Friday Radio 11 JUN2010

Happy Friday you!
After the rainy gray week we've been having here in Singapore (what's it like for you folks out of SG?), i sure am glad this glorious Friday morning is sunny and gorgeous.

Let's celebrate with tunes!

"Superfast Jellyfish" - Gorillaz feat. Gruff Rhys & De La Soul

"Flying Kites" - The Cool Kids

"Season of Love" - The Yearbooks

"In the sun" - She & Him

"Alright" - Janet Jackson (macintosh & dorell house mix)

...and Krafty Kuts is going to be at Zirca tmrw... are you going to get some of these?

"Bring in the funk"

"We do this"

"Music sounds fatter with you"

What have you been listening to?

REPLY & Share your fav tunes =)

Happy Friday!


Hi All,

My post-rbma mix is up on BIGUPMAGAZINE.
I've thrown in unreleased materials from NZ's Karl Marx Project and Singapore's very own Max Lane, Izaak Stern, Muon and my own tune in it.


You can download it here.


This will be one of my last Fridays when I'll be at a computer during
friday Radio,
soon my work timetable will change over so I'll need to catch up on
the tunes at the end of the day...

anyways.. My Tunes for the week:

Kate Havnevik - You Again

Kate Havnevik - Timeless

Frou Frou - Hear Me Out

Frou Frou - Must be Dreaming



hello all,

am finally in the right inbox at the right time.

here are the tunes i been listening to all week:

The Magic Numbers - Love Me Like You

Jamie Lidell - Compass

The Lightning Seeds - Three Lions

Happy World Cup Friday!

natto xx

[BEN W.]

These guys can play!

Jef Lee Johnson Band 29 Aug 2002 NYC Sharrock Tribute

10 June 2010

Friday Radio 04JUN2010

Happy Friday guys!
This week's entry, i dedicate it to you...the person working in an office cubicle with loud neighbours.
If you have someone sitting next to you who annoys the rabbit crap out of you... this one's for you.
So plug in and hit play before they start getting chatty...

The Black Keys - "I got mine"

The Breeders - " Bang On"

Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers - "Ashley's Roachclip"

Elliot Smith - "Miss Misery"

Marvin Gaye - "Trouble man"

Ashley Slater - "Private Sunshine"

Now you! Share the tunes you love (for those who have noisy neighbours) by clicking on REPLY ALL.

Have an awesome Friday pretty people!



First Up…
Some Aussie tunes for you...

Ben Lee - Gamble Everything For Love

George - Release

Deadstar - Deeper Water

Then there's song I voted for in this years Eurovision Song Contest…
Romania - Paula Seling & Ovi - "Playing with Fire":

and this years Winner of Eurovision:
Germany- Lena - Satellite

and something else of somewhat unknown origin…. make of it what you
iamamiwhoami - n

Happy Friday everyone!


I have one super loud neighbour... ( and she's not even within my
"island" of cubicles! Pfft.) So I'm upping volume of my music to ensure
my sanity!

Uffie ft. Pharell - ADD SUV

Broken Social Scene (they're coming back! woot!) - Forced to Love

Digitalism - Idealistic

Crystal Castles - Crime Wave

And if you must know lyrics to Crime Wave...here's the figured-out

Happy Friiiday!


I don't have loud neighbours. We're ALL loud.

But I discovered something awesome this morning while in the car.

Freelance Whales - 1st Floor

Am loving them now xoxo


Hi everyone!

A few more ingredients for the Friday Radio stew;

Gil Scott-Heron - The Bottle

Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings (Live in France)

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble - Baliki Bon

B. Bravo - Midnight

Onra - High Hopes

Hope you like 'em!

03 June 2010

F.R. 28MAY2010


I sadly Did not see a FR Post today....
but here are my picks for this week anyway:

Kings Of Convenience - I'd Rather Dance With You

Kings of Convenience - Know how

Kings Of Convenience - Misread

and not music, but I hope you enjoy:



Hello Friday Radio,

I'm throwing an audio-visual club experience this Sat @ Homeclub. Syndicate is hosting Low End Theory's DJ Nobody (Los Angeles) and we'll be doing video mapping on cubic structures.

As we do not have a guestlist this time round, I've managed to keep some of the special free entry flyer for this group. Please email me if you want to come check out the most exciting new sound on the planet. To me personally, this new sound is like a progression on the abstract hip hop championed by DJ Shadow, Dj Krush, Vadim with more bass and experimental music programming fusing psy-rock elements, dubstep influences.

Low End Theory Mixtape from DJ Nobody

DJ Nobody - Wake Up & Smell The Millenium

Low End Theory documentary trailer

Join our facebook page for news and updates too - http://www.facebook.com/syndicatesg

Thanks! and hope to see you all this Sat!

X Cherry X

F.R. 21MAY2010

F.R.'s guide to sneaking a listen to Friday Radio.

- while having your morning coffee
- while typing out emails
- while your boss isn't watching
- on at the background while you cook/clean/do laundry
- while waiting for your lunch buddy to finish up an email before your 3 hour lunch
- while you research on social media (a.k.a perving on pictures of your friend's friends on facebook)

Any way you do it, tune in!

Marvin gaye - "got to give it up"

The chordettes - "lollipop (remix)"

Rolling stones - "rocks off"

Mos def - "hurricane black"


Ratpack - " 4 o'clock"


Hit REPLY ALL... share it!


my tunes for the week:

Strip Steve - Breakin (Lorenz Rhode Remix)

Bonobo - We Could Forever

and a Lemon Jelly Marathon:

Lemon Jelly - spacewalk

Lemon Jelly-Page One (Experimental)

Lemon Jelly - '76 aka Stay With You

Lemon Jelly - '88 aka Come Down On Me

Happy Friday everyone



Hello Friday ya'll,

1. 8 Ball by Underworld

2. What it feels like for a girl - Above & Beyond remix

(its a bit heavy for the morning I know but hey...)

3. Beautiful - Ferry Corsten

(In celebration of his upcoming gig at Zouk on Saturday)

Feeling mostly trancey today...


hey you all ...

Pearl Jam - 25 Minutes to Go (Johnny Cash cover)

Marilyn Manson - i put a spell on you



This young lady picked up three Ivor Novello awards last night for this track:


Not bad for someone who dropped out of school at the age of 15.

Here’s another one from Ms. Allen, which I think is a cheeky-WTF-song for a Friday:

24 May 2010

14MAY2010: Friday Radio's Bag O Tunes

Good Friday Morning!
Has the week been good to you?

Today, just for a little something different, the name of the songs featured today will be omitted.
So stick your mouse cursor into this little bag of tunes and hopefully, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

F.R.'s Bag O' Tunes:

What tunes have you been listening to? Hit REPLY ALL and make someone's Friday even sweeter.


More tunes for you all....



Top 4 in my list for May:

Cee-Lo - I Want You

Two Door Cinema Club - Something Good Can Work (The Twelves Remix)

Charlotte gainsbourg - Time Of The Assassin (Remix By Matthew Dear)

Massive Attack - Paradise Circus (Gui Boratto Remix)

[Jeremy F]

for the world is good when Pete Burns is in it.
Dead or Alive

16 May 2010

Friday radio 07MAY2010

Hi all... tunes to help should you be feeling under the weather...

Fugees - "Fu-gee-la(global remix)"

The XX - "VCR"

Jack Johnson - "you and your heart"

Jackson 5 - "who's lovin you"

Dee Edwards - "i can deal with that"

alright folks... now over to you!



My Tunes for the Week:

2 Heads - Out of the city

Bonobo - Flutter

Seth Sentry - Train Catcher

Happy friday everyone!