25 November 2009

FR 20NOV09

Good Friday Mornin'
Here are my picks this week...along with some old favourites i recently discovered:

Bibio - "Lover's Carvings (Leatherette remix)"

Groove Armada - "Paris"

Michael Jackson & The Jackson 5 - "Never can say goodbye (The Neptunes mix)"

John Mayer's cover of "Human nature"

Phil Collins - "In the air tonight"

Earth, Wind and Fire - "After the love has gone"

What have you been listening to? REPLY ALL and let us know.

[Jeremy F.]

Black Sabbath - Planet Caravan

ABBA - Gimme, gimme, gimme ...

Peter Murphy (feat Trent Reznor & Twiggy) - A Strange Kind of Love

and a pretty pretty friday to you all ...

[TOM K.]

Hi everyone

A couple of things I've been digging recently. Have a good one!

Stupid Human - Swamp Funk (last track on the page)

Joy Orbinson - Hyph Mngo


Diamond Rings - All Yr Songs


Vanessa Fernandez's cover of Thriller

James brown - "Santa Claus, go straight to the ghetto"


Diggin that Bibio track...

Check out this one before you guys hit the bars tonight, total get ready and go song:

The Rebirth (a.k.a Back to Basics)

Happy Friday the 13th all.
Today, a change is happening. I'm going to change everything you've known about Friday Radio for the past 10 months.
The Friday Radio Project started out a little over a year ago with no themes. NO THEMES meant that you could put up whatever new music you liked. The moment you've discovered a new song, a great beat a hot tune or a sick mix, you could put up the link here for everyone, without waiting for it to fit a theme.

And today... I'm bringing that back.

"Latin Revenge" - AZEEM & DJ Zeph

"First Friday Funk (looped edit) " - Flying lotus

"Pa pa power" - Dead man's bones

"Too high" - Yesterday's new quintet

"Night sun" - From leaf to feather

So guys, just hit REPLY ALL and post whatever music tickled your fancy this week.

Hell....it's good to be back.

[Sam C.]

Just finished a track w/ a chick from LA called ‘Aimee Allen’ decided to give it away for free – hope you enjoy – attached mp3.

(FR Note: you gotta sign up for Friday Radio to get this. Sign up on the side)

The ‘making of’ video is the link below. Beware, I drop the F-bomb... A lot.

[Damian R.]

When newsreaders were too scared to utter the R-word (and I don’t mean ‘recalibration’), some of them looked to Petula Clarke for help:

At least that what I thought they said.


[Jeremy F.]



Lovin these too:

"babybababebe" - barkin' soul

"loose caboose" - deep street soul