04 February 2010

F.R. 29JAN2010

Good Friday morning guys,
Here are my picks this week.

Junior Senior - " Can i get get get"

Memory Tapes - "graphics"

Mantronix - " King of the beats"

Nas - "is like" (instrumental)

Tim kay - "in my world" (theme song for 'jamie at home')

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Yay Friday !

My Tunes for the week.

Pitch Black - Bird Soul

Seven Day Mile

(from the end of ep 1-2 of season 6 of House)




Hello Lovely People,

I'll currently putting together an ableton set for my gig in "A Taste Of Sonar" (flying the Singapore flag in London RBMA X Sonar!) and will be sneak-previewing some of the tunes at the Syndicate gig next Sat @ Homeclub So please email me directly for guestlist if you want to come. Full Name + Email. There will also be a load of other awesome including drum&bass pioneer KIAT dubbing out his tracks and performing it LIVE with Izaak Stern and Syafii on bass and guitar. For more news : www.syndicate.sg (all the social follows urls are there)

If anyone is up in London on 6th March - do come! There's Laurent Garnier and MF Doom in the main room and I'll be playing in the side room alongside Hudson Mohawke, Lunice and other awesome participants from Red Bull Music Academy.! see details here.

On my ipod now :

Flaming Lips - Sparrows Look Up The Machine

Daedelus - Make it so

Poirier - Wha-La-La-Leng

Greena - Tenzado

Brackles - Rawkus

XOXO, Cherry


Go Cherry!

It's the Pushin'On 4 year anniversary tonight at Blu Jaz. Here's some things you can expect to hear;

Keisa Brown - Dance Man

Singapore's own Lion City Orchestra jamming out one of their original songs in the studio.
Lion City Orchestra - You Ain't Ready

Some slick boogie from Denroy Morgan

It's the first track on an awesome boogie mix by Pushin'On London resident Dave Code. If you dig this sound you can download the whole mix for free from here www.soundcloud.com/davecode Dave is in Singapore and DJing tonight.

Full event details here.

Happy Friday everyone!


Kudos to Tom and Cherry for the event updates. =)
If you haven't seen these guys play live, you don't know what you're missing!

If you've got ideas on extending the music experience outside of Friday Radio, please feel free to tell us all about it here (or drop me an email if you'd like your band's site linked to our archive page - 600 visitors and counting)

ALSO, feel free to tell all your friends/family/colleagues/one night stands/the char kway tiao uncle about Friday Radio!
It's as simple as forwarding www.fridayradio.blogspot.com and let the music do all the talking.

Cheers and keep the music coming in!
Happy Friday.


TGIF everyone!

i'm struggling to keep awake and the coffee ain't doing much.. before i start dozing off, here are my picks:

Kid Loco - Relaxin' With Cherry (was first introduced to this track many years ago, during the age of MDs - miss those much)

Flight Facilities - Fancy You
(found this on a friend's blog)

Wolfgang - Center of the Sun

And i think we should have a night out where everyone can plug in their ipods with the playlists they have shared on Friday Radio... xx