02 March 2010

F.R. 26FEB2010

Good Friday morning!

2 news bytes today on top of our usual score of tunes.

Firstly, here's a public service announcement to always BACK UP your music files... for what Apple Giveth, Apple can also Taketh away (as it has to my iPod yesterday) so save your sh*t!

Secondly, FR is taking one week off next week because yours truely is going to be out of town. If you've been paying attention, it'll be the first time i'm not here to start FR going... HOWEVER, if you'd love to add tunes next friday, just click reply to our googlegroup address and go ahead! it'll be welcome actually.

alright...enough talk...tune time

Broken social scene - "world sick" (indie)

She & Him - "Thieves among us" (folk)

Curtis Amy - "Katanga" on Frankly Jazz (jazz)

Scuba - "Subaqueous" (dubstep)

The chords - "sh-boom" (doo wop)

Broken social scene - "looks just like the sun" (ambient indie)

Alrighty friday people...now you.


have a beautiful friday


Happy friday ya'll

Yes, having your music disappear from your iPod can be traumatic. Here are a few tunes to make things better... aka things I have been listening to lately:

1. Paris feat Au Revoir Simone - Aeroplane Remix

2. Holy Ghost! - Hold On (in honour of their fantastic gig at White Rabbit)

3. Pixie Lott's cover of "When Love Takes Over" recorded at BBC's Live Lounge (utterly and completely fabulous and I love it to bits)

4. Janet Jackson - Tha'ts the Way Love Goes (its old but hey, its fabulous)

5. Donell Jones - You Know What's Up

6. Cut copy: Hearts on Fire - Calvin Harris Remix ( I also like the Aeroplane remix)

TGIF people!


Just found this track. It's fresh from Buzzin' fly records (started by ben watts formerly from EBTG)

Ben watt & Julia Biel - "bright star" (sunset mix)


My tunes for the week:

Sia - You've Changed

Groove Armada - History


Happy Friday