10 December 2009


Good Friday Morning!

I'm glad the work week is over...
Now that Friday is here, it's time to shift focus to more important things... like music

Eddie Murphy feat. Michael Jackson - "Whatzupwitchu"

Katalyst - "Let the music talk"

Tim & Jean - "Come around"

Kindred the Family Soul - "If I"

Harry Bidgood - "Run Rabbit Run"

Add some funky music folks!

[Tom K]

Music on the streets -

Staff Benda Bilili - Na Lingui Yo (Je t'aime)
A band of disabled Congolese musicians

Bo Marley (live)
German dub and snappy dressers

Damu The Fudgemonk - Live in Washington Square
Hip Hop producer from DC doing it the old way

G-Funk beatboxer

[py ng]

Well, im in china this weekend and the youtube is disabled.
ive been listnin to loads of psyche-folk (if you like), look these up

Grizzly Bear - Cheerleader
the whole album (Veckatimest) is well sick, tune in from first to last

Espers - Children of Stone, Mansfield and Cyclops
cant describe it now but this album's been on repeat for abit


Say...how about a tune from nature?

"Katie Paterson is an artist who recorded natural sounds from Iceland’s glaciers, then collected natural ice melt from the glaciers. She then pressed three records made of the refrozen ice with the audio transferred. It took each record two hours of continuous play to melt, but you can hear a sample of what it sounded like"


Nature sure can carry a beat