27 December 2009

FR 18DEC09 - Last post of 2009

Sweeter than a doowop group harmonizing while serving cherry fizz and petting puppies... Friday sweet Friday is here again.
A huge THANK YOU to all of you who contributed last week. If you didn't, do it this week!
Here i'll start:

"Meet me in the garden" - Dent May

"I felt stupid" - The Drums

"Dance me to the end of love" - Madeleine Peyroux

"Oops" Hudson Mohawke (remix)

"Lonesome" - Ducktails

(instrumental piece that sounds like it belongs in an old gasparcolour/propaganda film)

"Everyday" - The Main Attraction

(massively sampled in The Avalanches' "since i left you")

"Miracles" - The Jackson Sisters

Friday Radio is going to take a 2 week break to spend some time with family and explain to mom why people like ourselves would rather buy music than bread. I hope you'll enjoy the holidays and FR will be right back...bright eyed & bushy tailed in 2010.

Alright now you go!
Hit REPLY ALL & share the love


Here's my tune of the week:
Lovers Electric - Honey (Sam La More Remix)

also groovy 'unremixed' version complete with soundtrack here:

and almost not music.... but...... I can't stop playing this...
Warning... this is kind of awful... so mayhaps skip it if you have
'Quality Allergies'

'Sit on You' - Tim & Eric Awesome Show

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year everyone!


Seasons Greetings Friday Radio Dudes!

Badd Santa - Cool little sampler from the Stones Throw Comp Album last year

My favorite from the album...
Soul Saints - Santa's Got A Bag Of Soul

Run DMC - Christmas Is

Join us for the Pushin'On XMas Special, Christmas Eve at Mimolette. It's going to be funky!

16 December 2009

FR 11DEC09

The art of finding new music... Friday Radio Style

If you haven't already known, FR was conceptualized with the idea of discovering music to add to your iPod/finding out about different styles of music/cheering up your Friday. How tunes are discovered every Friday to be featured here often goes like this:

...sometimes, songs are found from reading up on what other people has done outside of their usual work (hello Christian)

Estelle - "no substitute love"

Estelle - No Substitute Love

Estelle | MySpace Music Videos

....or reading comments on youtube

Metric - "help, I'm alive"

...other times, it's from listening to old favourites and finding cover versions on the side

Adele's cover of sam sparro's "Black and gold"

...or taking a chance and clicking on something you've not heard before after listening to your favourites

Isley Brothers - "Love the one you're with"

...or watching ads and then googling after

Blood, sweat and tears - "spinning wheel"

...and clicking on links of songs with the same title

Delia murphy - "The spinning wheel" (old song from Ireland)

...and most often, we find songs from recommendations from the lovely people of Friday Radio

Tokimonsta - "taste"

Have a lovely lovely Friday!

Hi...Here's your friendly neighbourhood FR elf, reminding you to check your spam folder if you have yet to receive today's Friday Radio edition.

You know what they say...spam happens.

Happy Friday ya'll!


I know this clip is not strictly FR-esque but seeing as it’s nearly Xmas (and I have just come from hearing a voiceover), I thought I’d share this with yule all:

Merry crimbo



Flight of the Conchords - Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros


Hahahah I love that song!!

Flight of the concords “business time”


Hello All

Some tunes from South Africa - song of the year in 09...heeeheee..very unusual SA sound, that bass guitar thing is a signature thing here..enjoy...



Saitone (Live) - "Thriller 8bit tribute mix"



my morning jacket - dondante

grizz;y bear - ready able

10 December 2009


Good Friday Morning!

I'm glad the work week is over...
Now that Friday is here, it's time to shift focus to more important things... like music

Eddie Murphy feat. Michael Jackson - "Whatzupwitchu"

Katalyst - "Let the music talk"

Tim & Jean - "Come around"

Kindred the Family Soul - "If I"

Harry Bidgood - "Run Rabbit Run"

Add some funky music folks!

[Tom K]

Music on the streets -

Staff Benda Bilili - Na Lingui Yo (Je t'aime)
A band of disabled Congolese musicians

Bo Marley (live)
German dub and snappy dressers

Damu The Fudgemonk - Live in Washington Square
Hip Hop producer from DC doing it the old way

G-Funk beatboxer

[py ng]

Well, im in china this weekend and the youtube is disabled.
ive been listnin to loads of psyche-folk (if you like), look these up

Grizzly Bear - Cheerleader
the whole album (Veckatimest) is well sick, tune in from first to last

Espers - Children of Stone, Mansfield and Cyclops
cant describe it now but this album's been on repeat for abit


Say...how about a tune from nature?

"Katie Paterson is an artist who recorded natural sounds from Iceland’s glaciers, then collected natural ice melt from the glaciers. She then pressed three records made of the refrozen ice with the audio transferred. It took each record two hours of continuous play to melt, but you can hear a sample of what it sounded like"


Nature sure can carry a beat

01 December 2009

F.R. - 27NOV09

Happy holidays everyone,
Here's what we're digging this week:

The Temper Trap - "fader":

If you haven't heard of The Temper Trap...it's high time you hit a CD shop or an amazon button labeled 'Buy Now'. Best Melbourne band of 2009 & one to watch out for in 2010.

The Kooks - "I want you back" :

Is it just me of the guy that appears in the beginning of the video looks like Paul Dano...

Kid Cudi - "day & night" : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VkSq2Zn2XoY
There're many collabo versions of this but nothing beats the original

Real to Reel - "Love me like this" :

Old skool r&b with an 80s feel.

Blair - "have fun go mad" :

And one to start the long weekend

Happy Friday!


Will I get a kickout for plugging my gig? Here's a sneak preview of my
playlist for 4th Dec Good Times @ Blujaz !
Am prepping my set this weekend so just sharing some of the tunes

Gig details here -

Tokimonsta remix of Tweet

Flying Lotus - Luckiest Charm

Harmonic 313 - Dirtbox

8bit version of The Smith - There's a light that never goes out



A Certain Ratio - Knife Slits Water

Arthur Russell - Get around to it

Konk - Your life


Liquid Liquid - Scraper

CAN - Spoon

Pushin'On - Blu Jaz tonight!

25 November 2009

FR 20NOV09

Good Friday Mornin'
Here are my picks this week...along with some old favourites i recently discovered:

Bibio - "Lover's Carvings (Leatherette remix)"

Groove Armada - "Paris"

Michael Jackson & The Jackson 5 - "Never can say goodbye (The Neptunes mix)"

John Mayer's cover of "Human nature"

Phil Collins - "In the air tonight"

Earth, Wind and Fire - "After the love has gone"

What have you been listening to? REPLY ALL and let us know.

[Jeremy F.]

Black Sabbath - Planet Caravan

ABBA - Gimme, gimme, gimme ...

Peter Murphy (feat Trent Reznor & Twiggy) - A Strange Kind of Love

and a pretty pretty friday to you all ...

[TOM K.]

Hi everyone

A couple of things I've been digging recently. Have a good one!

Stupid Human - Swamp Funk (last track on the page)

Joy Orbinson - Hyph Mngo


Diamond Rings - All Yr Songs


Vanessa Fernandez's cover of Thriller

James brown - "Santa Claus, go straight to the ghetto"


Diggin that Bibio track...

Check out this one before you guys hit the bars tonight, total get ready and go song:

The Rebirth (a.k.a Back to Basics)

Happy Friday the 13th all.
Today, a change is happening. I'm going to change everything you've known about Friday Radio for the past 10 months.
The Friday Radio Project started out a little over a year ago with no themes. NO THEMES meant that you could put up whatever new music you liked. The moment you've discovered a new song, a great beat a hot tune or a sick mix, you could put up the link here for everyone, without waiting for it to fit a theme.

And today... I'm bringing that back.

"Latin Revenge" - AZEEM & DJ Zeph

"First Friday Funk (looped edit) " - Flying lotus

"Pa pa power" - Dead man's bones

"Too high" - Yesterday's new quintet

"Night sun" - From leaf to feather

So guys, just hit REPLY ALL and post whatever music tickled your fancy this week.

Hell....it's good to be back.

[Sam C.]

Just finished a track w/ a chick from LA called ‘Aimee Allen’ decided to give it away for free – hope you enjoy – attached mp3.

(FR Note: you gotta sign up for Friday Radio to get this. Sign up on the side)

The ‘making of’ video is the link below. Beware, I drop the F-bomb... A lot.

[Damian R.]

When newsreaders were too scared to utter the R-word (and I don’t mean ‘recalibration’), some of them looked to Petula Clarke for help:

At least that what I thought they said.


[Jeremy F.]



Lovin these too:

"babybababebe" - barkin' soul

"loose caboose" - deep street soul

12 November 2009

Friday Radio Theme Tag 2.0

Alright folks, let's go. You know the rules:

Post 3 songs related to the previous theme, then set a new one for someone else.
Here we go!


Marvin Gaye - "I heard through the grapevine"

Amy Winehouse - "You know i'm no good"

Michael Jackson - "Girlfriend"

Next Theme: KISS

[Jeremy F.]

we kick it off with camp:

and then pretend to be current and all:

but despite a stretch on the theme, who can resist them

[Nick C.]

It's a kind of kissing

How about, covers? Ideally ones that were as good or better than the original.
here's one to start you off.


Willis - Word Up

Sonic Youth cover of Carpenters' Superstars

Senor Coconut - Smoke on the water

Children of bodom covers Britney's Oops I did it again... heavy metal version!

Let's just set it as best songs/tunes/cds/mixes for sex

That'll be rather useful. ;p

and ban anyone who put down Tom Jones as a suggestion.

[Ying Hao]
Ooooo lemme think....
Inertia Creeps by Massive Attack

any song by Tool/A Perfect Circle
any song by Redrum (japanese rock band)


Let's talk about dirty house for a sec ;-)

Wait for about 1:30 to get into the lyrics...


ER, best songs for sex:

Old school tune by Funky Green Dogs

Fired Up:

Velvet Revolver – Slither

Simian Mobile Disco – Hustler



Anything by Nathaniel Merriweather - Lovage


03 November 2009

The VIETNAM Edition

Good morning FridayRadio Land!
Today's theme is VIETNAM. Let's start with a cheerful one...

"California Sun" - The Riveras (from the "Good Morning Vietnam" OST)

Country Joe McDonald - "Feel Like I'm Fixing To Die (anti Vietnam war song from Woodstock)

"Bac man tan cong"
(Traditional Vietnamese piece)

Mt St Helens Vietnam Band - "En Fuego"

= = = = =


Biblo - "Jealous of roses"

Gabin - "doo uap, doo uap, doo uap"

St Germain - "Rose Rouge" (remix)

Dkay - "fire" (remix)

Bachelors of science - "anytime she goes away"

Don't forget that Friday Radio works on you forwarding your fav music links so hit REPLY ALL and share some music love!
NEXT WEEK: It's baaaaaack - F.R. THEME TAG.

Have a fabulous Friday!


A blast from the past – or my past, anyway - and very informative, too:

While, here’s a classic from the legendary Jimmy Cliff

Btw - did anyone catch Jimmy Cliff here for Womad the other year?

01 November 2009

The CAMBODIA Edition

Arun Sour Sdey

To be honest, I'm not very well versed on music from Cambodia. Being curious, I wiki-ed and you-tubed to find out more. Boy was i surprised. Especially enjoyed stuff from back in the 60s/70s when a-go-go was trendy. Take a listen:

"Youm Prab Mek" - Chorn Sovanreach

...sound familiar? there's a mandarin song that holds the same tune.

"Bundum Snea" - Sin Sisamouth

now to speed things up...

"Rom Ago Ago" - Pan Rom

"Rom rom rom" - Pan Rom

traditional music played by victims of landmines at the Angkoh Wat

= = = = =


"Beat the twilight" - Decoder Ring

"good love" - KRAM

"zombie" - Fela Kuti & Afrika

"how i roll" - Gun street girls

Good things should be shared...hit REPLY ALL now and add some sunshine to your kharma points.

Have a slammin' Friday!


Here's my 100 riel worth:

It's the "pol pot, pol pot, pol pot..." line that get me.



here's something cheerful

Richard Cheese & 'Stephen Hawking'
"The Girl is Mine"


(first speech bubble...hit play)

23 October 2009

The THAILAND Edition

Sawatdee ka...
Further up north we go, into a gem of a place famous for its beautiful temples, delicious beef noodles on a boat, great shopping and having to stand up for the king before every movie... it's easy to see why so many people love Thailand. now, just what does our friends in Thailand listen to?

Silly Fools - "Yah Bauk Wah Ruk" (alternative)

Bird Thongchai McIntyre - "Chunay Rub tee" (pop)

[i wish i knew what the story of this mtv is...anyone knows?]

Thaitanium - "We don't give a what" (hip hop/rap)

Venus Flytrap - "Cause i'm your lady" (pop)

[the first thai ladyboy group...sounds like a certain aussie popstar]

Bruce gaston - "busted balloon" (fusion of traditional fong naam and jazz)


The schoolboys - "Ding a ling coo coo mop" (du wop)

Michael Buble - "crazy love"

[from his new album]

Boyzone - "you're all that i need"
[R.I.P Stephen Gately]

Pink martini - "ninna nanna"
[from the upcoming album "splendor in the grass"]

What have you been listening to? Hit REPLY ALL and let us know!

happy friday :D

Just discovered Fantastic Mr Fox...excellent 2-step/hiphop


*Bleep show*

myspace page:

enjoy the second half of friday busy bees!

14 October 2009

The MALAYSIA Edition

Selamat Pagi

Music from Malaysia today...lets see who's making soundwaves from across the causeway.

Shanon Shah - "Dilanda Cinta"

Butterfingers - "the chemistry"

Love me Butch - "hollywood holiday"

Now for something more traditional. The sound's a little muffled but it's such a beautiful song

Kamariah Noor - "aladom"

and of course, one from Siti Nurhaliza
"Cindai" (live @ Royal Albert hall, London)

- - - - -


TZU - "number one"

Tzu - Number One

Nixie|MySpace Videos
(can't find a better quality version but this song's so good, i just had to share it)

John Mayer - "this will all make perfect sense someday"

"Quelqu'un M'a Dit" (from the 500 days of summer ost)

The Emotions - "Best of my love" (live)

What have you been listening to? REPLY ALL & let us know!
Dont forget to check www.fridayradio.blogspot.com to see what's on next week.

Have a faboo friday!

[Jeremy F.]

and how can one forget Amy and the boys from Search:

and for old time sakes, the grandfather of malay metal:


Malaysian Hip Hop

Too Phat with Warren G

and another

06 October 2009


Good Morning pretties!

I'm hitting home base today as we explore the exciting soundscapes of Singapore.
Something old, something new... by the end of this edition, you'd probably be gobsmacked that this tiny island, can have so much musical ability. Onward!

The October Cherries - "far away now"

The Quest - "Be my girl"

The Tidbits - "Lace covered window"

The Great Spy Experiment - "Flow"

Lucky Valentine - "The Sign"

**Props ;)

Breakbeat Theory - "In the Corner"

There are tons more that i can't remember now... can you help me out?

= = =


new one from Basement Jaxx - "stay close"

4hero's remake of Minnie Ripperton's "Les Fleur

Girltalk - "hands in the air" (mashup)


olivia ong - Sometimes when we touch

the goodfellas - grace kelly
can't find it on youtube though.

[i'll add this one then]
The Goodfellas - "always be my baby"


The padres - November 91

* too bad I could not find more of their songs on youtube :(


Tip toeing around being modest... Back when I was 17:

My friends band, objection overule:


Some local artists in the electronic side of things.


Enjoy and support!


In each hand a Cutlass - "glaciers"


grew up in the mosh pits of our local gigs so this is a special one.
pausing work and risking livelihood to give you this list of friends and heroes... enjoy!

Comic Strip
overwhelming talent, passion and drive.
Distant Memories


State of Mind

The Sallys - Lady Marmalade

no it's not a cover. you need to check out their shows and how the crowd responses when they play this live. no audience support for local bands? bollocks.

The Stoned Revivals - Stoned Alleycat

a classic in the local scene

Plain Sunset - Find A Way

this is emo in its true sense.

Cesspit - Punk Rock Gangster

no it's not a 70s Go-go party... just one from our local ska legends.

Plain Sunset - The River Song

better than any of the other national day songs ever.

Esam Salleh, local icon in his own right. More proof we have awesome songwriting talents.
Sound of the City


Cheers all!

[BEN W.]

Tan Hanjin, live with Eason Chan:

I used to watch this guy play at the Fat Frog Cafe.