06 March 2009

Friday Radio 6 March 2009 edition

Friday Radio

Hey dudes and dudettes,
We've got quite a yowza edition today... from strange indie folk to stoner rock to street lounge and drum&bass...

"Scratched" - Etienne de Crecy

(used to play this a lot on radio heatwave. nice animation from back in the day)

"Bruises" - Chairlift

(Fiest who?)

"The F word" - Babybird

(for such a tame band name...they are a surprise, pity about being defunct thou.... Gordon Ramsey's "The F Word" title song)

"Soap on your skin" - The Solids

(sexy alternative?)

"Big Bills" - Flosstradamus ft. caroline Polachek

(snaps for the person who can identify what seems like 6 genres stuffed in one song)

"angels fell + terminator" - Dillinja & Goldie

(classic D&B album... borrow it from me if you want to be introduced to some good D&B)

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Have a good one! Happy Dayz.

[Tom's adds]

Dick Dale & The Del Tones "Misirlou" 1963

I had some more but sent the last one by mistake. Here we go;

"Ghost Train" - Electro-Tones

Raspberry Dub (Live) - Ed Solo & JFB

Joker - Digidesign

Great track. Will drop it a Blu Jaz tonight (plug plug)

[Minah's adds]

Better than Prince – Flairs:

(ash says: Reminds me of AHA’s “take on me” vid.)


[Tara's adds]

Zaoshang Hao (morning)
Shifu, Ni zhen piaoliang! Wo zai weiruangongsi gongzuo.
(Taxi driver, you are so charming. I work at Microsoft)
Yinyue (music):
The Young Knives (cute geek tubby english indie band) bless:
Sneaker Pimps

(Lawrence Loh says: Wow...i'm impressed!)

[Amelynn's adds]

As promised, Ash!

Rock the Casbah (Mustapha dance) - The Clash


To protect & entertain - Busy P

01 March 2009

Friday Radio 27 Feb 2009 edition

Hey Ho Music Bunnies, iiiiiiitttttt's....


Lets play some sweet sweet music:

"The Pull Skylab & LP raw edit" - LP and The Cherished Collective
Soul, breakbeat jazz all the way from Wellington in NZ.

"I feel good put your pants on (pilooski edit)" - Jackson Jones
(click on the little triangle that's next to the heart)

"Dream of Evan and Chan" - Dntel
A friend sent me this and i'm hooked. Check it:

"You got to have freedom" - Pharoah Sanders
Amazingly jazzy and a sax with a real attitude

and because Friday is just such a good day for Reggae&B

"Murder she wrote" - Chaka Demus & Pliers

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Here are my contributions for this week:

Trentemoller - Miss You (Radio Edit)

BT - Dreaming (Lucid Mix)

Happy Friday everyone : )


With you on the reggae tip Ash – here’s a couple of MJ covers


i love pacman

As promised over a few tequilas, some peach brandy and a draft or 3...

Miss Ashlynn....from now on I’m going to be
Your African Connection on Friday radio....

Here’s a grinding tunes from the ghettos of South Africa...this is the real hood ladies and gents...its called Kwaito and its the beat on our streets.
Me and the TBWA party crew in SA got down to this track in the shanty town drinking holes, hard-core inner city clubs and the opulent lounge bars of the upscale life..yeah man..’when we wuz gangsters’...
TKZee – one of the pioneers from years back with this edgy, in your face track (that I fucking love)

And in step with Ash’s reggae influence of this morning, a happy ragga-style floorfiller that was kicking in SA last year
Gang of Instrumentals and ‘You’re My Number One’

Was going to stop there but I wanted to share Freshly Ground with you...a sweet middle of the road, jazzy band who’ve captured a mood in the old country that makes me all homesick...also pretty newish

(Ben says:
do some work prin instead of beautifully formatting 1000 word Friday Radio synopsys' !)


"I Wanna Be A Girl" - King Khan & The Shrines

Watch this and just TRY to deny the awesome might of King Khan.

"Jizz In My Pants" - The Lonely Island

If I have to explain why this is funny, you're just not gonna get it.

"Little Bit Of Feel Good" - Jamie Lidell

A man goes on a date with a unicorn. Weirdness ensues.


Happy friday!
Tom - so sad i cant be in singers for Pushin On
i am missing your funk and soul nights!
i have nothing odd to report from china this week
except i suck at mandarin
But i win over my art director, who meant to say woman and instead called our co-worker... a cow....:P
Janis Joplin
Sinner Man
Slumdog Millionaire - MIA- paper planes


hallo hallo,

let's take it back to the old skool y'all!

chiptune hurrah (with pirated video)

Freezepop - I Am Not Your Gameboy

one of the fattest guitar riffs and catchiest uses of 'uh oh'

After the Fire - Der Kommissar

wicked drumbeats, ripped jeans and big hair. what more could you ask for? what about red paint?

Taylor Dayne - Tell It To My Heart

am going to play taylor dayne at hacienda tonight i'm pretty damn sure. come by!

xoxo pixiedub