17 August 2009


Good Friday Morning Music Folks. Today, we start our musical quest around the world.

First up: New Zealand.
More than just the backdrop for Lord of the Rings and a frolic ground for sheep, NZ has produced some very distinctively awesome sounds over the years. Like...

Fat Freddy's Drop
NZ's style of R&B (as in Reggae & Blues). This group's growing on me quick.
Drive to: "Roady" -

Stride down the street to: "This room" -

Make out to: "Big BW" -

"Hold you Close" - Opensoul

"My house" - Kids of 88

"Stars in my eyes" - Screaming meemees

This one sounds like a drunk guy came and fiddled with the pitch function...80s vibe

"Not Many" - Scribe feat. Savage & Con Psy

NZ Hip hop at it's best...

and who can forget this one
"How Bizarre" - OMC (dance remix)

Did you Know: Bic Runga (the singer that gave you "Sway") is also from New Zealand

Which New Zealand artist do you like? Hit REPLY ALL if you're feeling the Kiwis.
Next Week: we're heading to SYDNEY Australia


Ok. From the top.

Split Enz. Great band. Classic songs. Here's a belter from way back, "I See Red", with some livening up (not that they need it) from Mr Eddie Vedder. Dedicated to a roving creative who shall remain nameless. Some people see red and bash out an angry little note. The Finn brothers see red and write a classic. Is there a difference between blow-hard and talent? You be the judge.

Here's a little something originally from The Mutton Birds. This is a cover. Putting this in here as an example of what to do with your fecund imagination if you want to 'do some good'. BTW, if you're French and reading this, REMEMBER THE RAINBOW WARRIOR!

And here's a version of the original played by Don and the Band. Tip: Generally, anything by The Mutton Birds or The Front Lawn is gold. Look 'em up.

Still with me? Good for you. This is an old standard from Dave Dobbyn, a truly great song writer. You could pick so many of his songs but 'Loyal' is one of the best.

Almost there, couldn't let a NZ dedication email go without something by Fat Freddy's Drop. Great band from Wellington.

I can go on about NZ music, as you may have noticed I'm rather partial to the place, but I'm going to finish off with the daddy of all songs from Aotearoa, The Haka. This one from the NZ Maori XV before one of the all-time storming games.

That is all.


PS How could I forget the Kiwi Hipsters?



I'm a huge NZ dub reggae fan.

Here's my top picks

Don't think I ever played a set without dropping this into the mix - Rhombus is incredible!

Rhombus - Clav Dub

Salmonella Dub - For the Love of it

The Black Seeds - Keep on pushing

Joe Duckie & Dj Fitchie - Midnight Maruders

I don't usually dig the trancey drum&bass but to be honest, these two always rock the floor and turn the D&B headz into karaoke-rs...

Concord Dawn - Broken Eyes

Concord Dawn - Morning Light -


A couple of tracks from Liam Finn

"Second Chance"

"Gather to the Chapel"


These days, i liken NZ to Flight of the Conchords... :)
"Formerly New Zealand's fourth most popular guitar-based digi-bongo acapella-rap-funk-comedy folk duo"

For a little giggle or a guffawing laugh (you choose), check out these videos:

Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros

If You're Into It

The Humans Are Dead


A Kiss Is Not A Contract