21 September 2008

Friday Radio 19Sept2008

Songs to bring a smile to your face and a break for these endless days...

Joe Cocker - “Feelin’ alright”

Just Jack - “glory days”

From the modest looking bloke that brought you “Starz in their eyes”

Dinah Washington - “is you is or is you ain’t my baby “ (verve remix)

a classic , with a twist

The Roots feat. Cody ChestnuTT - “The seed 2.0”

Rachel Yamagata - “elephants” (off her upcoming album)

The Presets - “My People”

One of Modular label’s golden boys...catchy and a cool video to boot

Earth, Wind & Fire - “Shinning Star”

go to town with this one

...and just for kicks
Madonna - “Holiday”

re-live the 80s...you know you want to

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Happy days!

[Gurmit's adds]

Hello everyone.

I present females voices in freaky films this friday.

Visual spectacular
Bjork - Human Behaviour

Floating freakshow
Royksopp - What Else Is There

Coordinated animal heads on 2 wheels
Bat For Lashes - What's A Girl To Do

Have a good weekend muchahos.