14 January 2010

FR. 08JAN2010

Happy new year one and all!
Hope you all have had a great holiday season.
A new year brings with it, new and exciting things... music included.
Here are some top tunes, most of them inspired by the line up at Sunset Sounds 2010 in OZ:

"Two weeks" - Grizzly Bear

"Let me be" - Xavier Rudd

"Land of the freak" - King Khan and the Shrines

"Drum Song" - The Temper Trap

and finally...remember this one?

"OPP" - Naughty by nature

What have you been tuned in to? Hit REPLY ALL and share!

oh, and welcome back ;)


this is madness... watch/listen for as long as you can without
laughing I dare you..

I will try again:


ASH: wow. That is not music at all.
That does it. Im having chicken for lunch to get back at that rooster for hurting my ear drums.

trying to recover from that chicken screech with these:

from the next michael cera movie
"no you don't" - The islands

Michael jackson & gorillaz - beat it & feel good


love the Micheal cera one, saw that recently..

Sorry everyone for the rooster incident..

I hope this track from BT's upcoming album
makes up for it:
Every Other Way (album version) - BT

Happy Friday everyone :)