11 July 2009

Friday Radio - Fav first record songs

Do you remember that faithful day when you walked into that record store, your pocket full of small change jangling a jingle of hope and anticipation... as you walked towards that shelf, picked up that album you had your eye on for ages and went up to the cashier, eyes blazing with pride, to pay for it?
Or perhaps it was a sunny afternoon on a sunday, when your parents were out and you were rumaging through the shelf of old stuff when you stumbled upon an old biscuit tin full of cassettes?
i remember... and from those memories, i bring to you - favourite songs from the first few records i ever bought/owned.

prince - "the most beautiful girl in the world" 
silly vid, great eyeliner, amazing falsetto with a CAPITAL F

Dean martin - "that's amore"

BeeGees - "alone"

Backstreet Boys - "everytime i close my eyes"

Being a kid growing up in the 90s can be tough. Manufactured pop fact aside, this song actually sounds very R&B-ish... good till cheesy psuedo rap. 

Michael Jackson - "the way you make me feel"

Somehow, i think the records i bought in the later years are definately better.
What are some of your top picks from the first few vinyls/casettes/CDs you got?

manic street preachers - "motorcycle emptiness"

saw this tape in the ck tang music department where it's now a food court when i was 11. I AM GENERATION TERRORIST!

the carpenters - "superstar"

my mom brought me up on the carpenters, connie francis and abba. this was one of my favourites in her little carpenters tape.

the beatles - "paperback writer"

it was a "best of the beatles" compilation that had a white cover and a yellow spine. am not sure if it was dad or mom's, but it sure kept me company through many days of being alone at home in early primary school. 

guns n' roses - "i used to love her"

very under-rated track from the Lies album. more primary school love. strangely enough, i used to listen to Appetite for Destruction full blast on the way to and from church every sunday from when i was 10 or 11 onwards.


Supertramp - "Dreamer"

Santana - "Singing Winds, Crying Beasts"

These two from my folks record collection.
Michael Jackson - "I can't stop loving you" 

The first album I ever bought.  The link is to the spanish version just for something different
Poison - "Nothin but a good time"

The second, "Open up and say ahh".

05 July 2009

Friday Radio - Anything goes

Hello FR-ers

It's ANYTHING GOES week... a smorgasboard of delish tunes to plough through...let's go.

"Half mast" - empire of the sun

"parade of the dead" - Hilltop hoods

the hilltoppas are back: from the new album "state of the art"

"favourite things" - The golden filter

"The tenure itch" - The pains of being pure at heart

"watching smurfs on shrooms" - J Dilla

"wait for love" - fred falke

yep..anything goes.
now you.

NEXT WEEK: My favourite songs from the first few records i've ever bought

See you next week!


Couple of tracks by Bibio. Folk electronic? I dunno but good stuff.

Ambivalence Avenue

Fire Ant