18 January 2009

Friday Radio 16 Jan 2009 edition

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Friday Radio

This week, songs to 'come down' to:

M83 - "We own the sky"

Glasvegas - "Geraldine"

Radiohead - "Climbing up the walls (Zero 7 remix)"

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - "All you do is talk"

TV on the Radio - "Family Tree"

Friday radio-ers: Post any song you want when you 'Reply all'
Have fun!


Songs to come down to?..this I can help with :-)

Santo and Johnny – Sleepwalk

Rodriguez – Sugarman
The one with the silver magic ships...


when i am coming down i just need to get high again...

sorry to cum twice but if i am coming down i just need to go with the flow...


hahahahah too much info TOO MUCH INFO Ben
Ok here are mine - fresh off the underground
We are enfant terrible:
gotta love em they have song titles like -
"Anything less than ordinary, is a waste of my time."
Pet conspiracy
No albums yet..but EPs in the making...


Oh my, the theme brings back MANY memories...
LTJ Bukem: Sun Rain (intelligent drum & bass...infact, the entire "Journey Inwards" album)
When you have partied all night and all morning long and the afternoon sun is beating down your back, there's no where else to go but up.
Planet Funk: Chase the Sun
When you just need some lovin' early in the morning
Outlines: Just a little lovin'
When the pills won't help you
Chemical Brothers: The Pills Won't Help You Now
Malcom Mclaren: About Her
Lastly, always a staple for me. Watching the pulse dvd in a darkened room...
Pink Floyd: Comfortably Numb


Afx- analogue bubblebath


For great Justice.



Ashlynn: "Wouldn’t it be funny if Jesus saw it from heaven and thinks...”ah! bed” lies on it and crushes everyone inside?"

Gurmit: " That'll be a big Jesus or a house full of chichuahuas."

Tom: "So how’s your new job in the chemical additives testing facility going Gurmit?"


This is from a fantastic CD...


Another great comin down song
listen to the lyrics

Erykah badu “on & on (live at vh1 soul)”