25 February 2010

F.R 19FEB2010

Good morning everyone,
I trust that festivities went well...
Let's detox from all the CNY music with these:

Patti Drew - Workin' on a groovy thing

5th Dimension - Stone soul picnic

Grand Puba - I like it

Stevie Wonder - Fun day

Will.i.am & Slash remix The Who's - My generation

Now You!
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Have a bitchin' Friday

22 February 2010

Friday Radio 12FEB2010

Today's FR is MASSIVE so hold on to your horses.
Let's start with something funky:

Armand Van Helden & A-TRAX (collectively known as) Duck Sauce - aNYway

Thanks to Vinny Vinyls for this great recommendation...totally made my week.

Jack Penate - "Tonight's today"

Eartha Kitt - "C'est Si Bon"

Other than real cats...no one purrs like she does

Turbotito - "Liquid Disco"

He worked Dead man's bones' "lost souls" in his latest mix, this man's got some mad skills.

Dead Man's Bones - "Dead hearts"

The best, most hauntingly beautiful video i've seen this week. It's amazing what some wires, a piece of carcass and some imagination can do.

Corrine Bailey Rae - "Paris Nights, New York Mornings"

New song from her new album

Sade - "Skin"

A seductive one from her new album 'soldier of love"

Genevieve Waite - "Love is coming back"

A cheeky one reminiscent of the 20s.... or if Betty Boop were real...

New discovery of the week: The Radio Dept
If Broken Social Scene and the Pet Shop Boys should ever make sweet sweet lovin', The Radio Dept would be the spawn of such a union...

What have you been tuning in to? REPLY ALL (to googlegroups) and share!

Have a great Friday & Happy Chinese New Year!


Thom Yorke (covering Neil Young) -- After the Gold Rush