30 November 2008

Friday Radio 28 Nov 2008 edition

Sometimes, you find your favourite tunes when you least expect it.

“If this ain’t love” - Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators
I can’t stop playing this track. Heard this playing over the store speakers at River Island and I went to ask the shop assistants what song this was. They were no help but bless the internet.

“Are you with me” - The Potbelleez
While watching Rove Live (aussie talk show) on you tube.

“meaning of 5%” - Brand Nubian
Muslim rappers from NYC... Heard this one playing over the sound systems before a Coldplay concert

“bros” - Panda bear
Can’t remember where I’ve heard this but I think I went to search this because of the name of the group.

“Love thang” - Brittany Bosco
Electronic soul... Not bad at all. Found this track when I on a design website and spotted the gig poster.

What the story behind some of the tracks you’ve listened to?
Get crackin’ and post them on Friday Radio right now!

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- Ashlynn

[Ben Rosen's adds]

Mayer Hawthorne - Just Ain't Gonna Work Out

[Eunice's adds]

I happen to like the Potbelleez too.
Check "Don't Hold Back" - like the tabla-ish beats in the background.

[Gurmit's adds]

The highlight of my ride to work:

Bill Withers - Who is he and what does he mean to you


[Tara's adds]

Ni hao ma?

From sunny beijing
Not its like -5 goddamit!

Many adventures mostly all going terribly wrong but in the absolute funniest way, yelled at by aunty cashiers, electricity shutting off at midnight and having to trek to midst of nowhere to load it up on some wee antennaed machine, trying to find a tibetan restaurant and stumbling in alleyway with lots of scary whole animals being loaded off

whee hee hee....

so in honour of it all

snuggles and slaps

[Lawrence's adds]

Wo heng hao!
To help you with the cold over there, here is a song to perk (or worsen) you up!
Matt Costa - Cold December

Gan bei!

[Shellen's adds]

A little love to end the day:


[Damian's adds]

Is it me or has that Britney’s nicked a trick from Sam Sparro? Though those old enough will know that they have both ‘borrowed heavily’ from Soft Cell.

Anyway, listen to these three tracks and tell me if you can spot the difference.