07 September 2008

5 September 2008

:: Friday radio ::
The September 5th edition

The colours swirl, the smells are stronger, everything tastes like chocolates and the lights are brighter... then the caffeine wears off.

When the drugs don’t work, try these:

[Ashlynn's adds]

“Fucken Awesome” - Spiderbait
Start the day by rocking to this.

“Got my mojo working” - Muddy Waters
Shimmy jimmy, jive, hop, bop...however you do it, it’s easy to enjoy this one ;)

“ A woman’s world” - Naomi and the boys
Music from Singapore in the 60s...take a walk back to yesteryear when the living was easy

“Tell someone who cares” - The Boat People
This band from Brisbane is starting to get loads of attention, and not just from the Brisbanians. Great video.

“So What” - Miles Davis
This man is a genius. Listen to how he skates over this piece as his sax punctuates the song with jabs of “so what”

“electric relaxation” - a tribe called quest
Chill out to this one and watch your head bop involuntarily.

Caff up and add on to the list folks.
Happy Friday everyone!

[Norman's adds]

Nice selection Ash. Nearly cried when I listened to Naomi and The Boys.
Here’s my list. Enjoy...

“Get A Move On” - Mr. Scruff

Perfect for wet, lazy Fridays.

“Golden Skans” - Klaxons

One of their best songs. Done acoustic styleee.

“Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!” - Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds

Nick Cave with a porn moustache. Love the video.

[Eunice's adds]

Speaking about turning back time, here's one of my all time faves

Beat International - Dub Be Good To Me (Guns of Brixton)

[Tom's adds]


Three from me

KRS One - Outta Here

Birdy Nam Nam - Absesses

Bob Dorough – Three is a magic number

[Gurmit's adds]

A bit of mellow soul to pre-empt the sultry evening’s goings-on:
>>>I can’t stand the rain – Ann Peebles

>>>Everybody loves the sunshine – Roy Ayers

>>>Ascension (Don’t ever wonder) - Maxwell


29 August 2008

So you are seated on a crowded bus and the guy standing next to your seat has his crotch uncomfortably close to your face. And when you were on the train, fart smells occasionally waft through the entire compartment and everyone is pretending not to notice. You get to your desk and your work pile is obviously giving Mt Fuji a run for it’s money......what do you do?

Listen to this week’s Friday radio session!

Fresh picks this week:

[Ashlynn's adds]

Devendra Barnhart - Don’t look back in anger
Melodic and quirky... You can’t expect anything less from Barnhart

The Avalanches – Since I left you
I know I feature the avalanches a lot...what can I do? I love them. This song gets me everytime.... Hopeful yet bittersweet. The video fits the song perfectly. Enjoy.

Smokey Robinson – Baby that’s backatcha
This soulful track is great for grooving... Thanks to gurms for bringing this to my attention!

Lily Allen – Smile (plan B remix)
A fun take on a catchy song

Control machete – Si Senor
Spanish hip hop.... If you have seen Amores Perros, you’ll know this one... If you haven’t, you should.

Pharrell - Blaze Of Glory (feat. Ab.Liva)
While we are on hip hop... Let’s end on a high note with this one.

Got a song you want to share?
Hit reply and go nuts! =)

Happy Friday.

[Gurmit's adds]

The one for me today – Jose Gonzalez, Kill For Love, Todd Terje Mix



[Terence's adds]

Aren’t you guys supposed to be drinking beer already??!!!

Here’s my anthem for the end of the working week:

The Darkness – Friday Night

Hope you folks have a good one!

22 August 2008

More music to assault your ears.
Feel free to add to the list ;)
This week’s edition:

[Ashlynn's adds]

Electricity – The avalanches (not the official video)

Try (live at Woodstock 69’) - Janis Joplin

Lonely Buoy – Joe Lean and The Jing Jang Jong

Sandwiches - Detroit Grand Pubas

Sean – Aya (formerly with blue six)

[Tom's adds]

Diggin that avalanches tune! Here’s my adds – 60’s beat, 80’s electro, 90’s Hip Hop
Peace oot!

The Monks

Egyptian Lover

Smoothe Da Hustla

[Christine's adds]

Yup yup…that avalanches tune is good J
These are my adddds…the dance move from the first video is compulsory for us to learn and perform at the Christmas party this year! Haha…

Le Tigre - Deceptacon

Ladytron – Blue Jeans

Notorious B.I.G.- Hynotize

15 August 2008

Happy Friday!

Ring ring ring (ha ha hey) - De La Soul

Carmensita – Devendra Barnhart

Got your money – Old Dirty Bastard (feat. Kelis)

The Shouty Track – Lemon Jelly

Heartbreaker (remix) - Mariah Carey